Welcome to the Pathway Bible Church website. If you are are looking for a church home, thanks for visiting our site. The families of Pathway come from across the West Valley, including Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, Litchfield Park and other areas of the Phoenix metro area. We invite you to visit Pathway Bible Church and become a part of what God is doing in
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Do I Have To?

In the first of our series, "Verses I Wish Weren't In the Bible" we look at one of God's commands I find especially troublesome. Yeah, can we just skip this?

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Ripping Out Cement

Sometimes repairing a mess of our own making is fairly easy. Mistakes in cement work aren't, and neither is fixing life when we've made a mess of it with seriously sinful behavior. So what should we do? As we close out our study in the Book of Ezra we get a look at the steps that fix a mess.

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